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關於i-BUZZ / About i-BUZZ
i-Buzz VOC provides per day/week/month of WOM Monitoring (word-of-mouth) information and statistical analysis report in Traditional Mandarin character.

A. i-Buzz VOC WOM Monitoring daily report:
Every morning, name-brand customer will receive the latest WOM Monitoring daily report. It includes the brand’s word-of-mouth ranking, product’s word-of-mouth ranking, source web analysis, keyword analysis, and hottest topic discussed by netizens along with its response status in the previous day. The service will allow users to immediately comprehend the latest Internet environment trend.

B. i-Buzz VOC word-of-mouth enterprise KPI consultant analysis report (Per week/ per month) Every Monday, name-brand customer will receive weekly enterprise word-of-mouth information analysis. At the beginning of every month, the enterprise’s brand, product consultant analysis report can be newly customized and tailored to the need of customer.

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